Do you have a chronic health issue?
Are you looking older than you really are? Or, do you just feel run down?
A personal health strategy created by Sumo Health & Harmony
can help you feel like you can take on the world again.

Think of us as your personal wellness team. Our panel of experts head three divisions; Nutrition and Health, Medical and Holistic and Anti-Ageing. Together, we'll first decide exactly what form of treatment you need. At the heart of Sumo Health & Harmony, we believe in preventative treatment. No matter what, we'll do whatever it takes to restore balance in your life.

Our aim is to ensure you look and feel your best - 365 days of the year.

Feeling bloated?

Everyone overindulges over the holiday season. A Sumo Health and Harmony Wellness Package will get you back into shape.

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Summer Eating

Mogestri Pather shares her special easy summer recipes that all the family will love.


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Contact Us

Call Sumo Health & Harmony now on 0414 650 515 and begin your journey to wellness. Or, email us.


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